My heart…this indigene of the summer…

Indigene of the summer enjoying the sun

Every September 21st, I have to say goodbye to my favorite season. A note of sadness takes over my heart. The summer went so fast.

I look back on all these trips. All these indigenes I met, with whom I spent this summer 2016: in Poland, in Switzerland, in Tunisia, in Germany, in Spain …

Every September 21st , I have to say that this is it … the caress of the sun on my skin, the sand sensation under my feet, the salt of the sea, the sweetness of the watermelon …. I have to say goodbye to all that … I was born in the summer. My mood is summer. My favorite flowers and fruits are summer.

I feel like celebrating every day during the summer. I love getting dressed in the summer.

Tomorrow the fall will be here. And I am powerless about that…

Indigene of the Summer walking in the Royaume

So this year, my approach is different. I took the decision not to dread the end of summer, but celebrate it with you. To extend the summer as much as possible, my next articles will mainly be related to Spain and its indigenes, to the summer and its indigenes. A country that goes very well with this season. But I will also talk about some summer dishes. And above all, my favorite outfit of summer 2016, which is an indigene of Tunis.

This should not prevent us from welcoming the fall from tomorrow.

I wish you all an excellent end of the summer!

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