Heyo Brooklyn…I think I Love you…


Yeah. I have to admit I am a lover (maybe cause I am a dreamer). And what I love the most is being seduced. Nonetheless, for seduction to operate on me, there are some essentials: To have a strong personality, a story to tell, and a special energy. Brooklyn’s got it all dude! And Yes! If I had to choose a place in NYC, I’d choose you as a place to live, as a place to love! With no hesitation.


Aaliyah, may her soul rest in Peace, was an “indigene” from Brooklyn. And many other artists grew up, or live here too. The famous extraordinary Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn.

I love the stories of “Brooklynites”. Some artists were raised in Brooklyn by their single mom. Some others started playing in the underground scene, with their friends in Brooklyn, and became famous. Some developed their art in Brooklyn because Brooklyn believed in them before anyone else…


Rosie Perez, American actress and producer explains «I didn’t appreciate Brooklyn until I left it.»

Brooklyn has its own dynamic. Just a  few stations from Manhattan, you are in the «New», and happening New york.

Alec Baldwin says : «Manhattan is like Beverly Hills. And the soul of New York has moved to Brooklyn, where everything new and exciting seems to be.»

I can’t talk about Brooklyn without mentioning Williamsburg. I completely fell in love with this area. It is the definition itself of gentrification. Many artists live there.


Brolga, the Australian illustrator who made the famous Muhammad Ali mural in Williamsburg lives in the area.  He made the mural on Joe’s pizza wall ( 216 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201- N 5th street). His artwork was finished four months before the legendary man died. Many other murals occupy Williamsburg walls. The wonderful  colorful Mural of Basquiat and Andy Warhol by Eduardo Kobra is definitely one of my favorite. The Brazilian Street artist used the iconic Michael Halsband to paint the mural. He added his  own touch with colorful geometrical shapes. Absolutely breathtaking!


But Brooklyn is not only art, it’s also food. I had the chance to eat in many great cantines in the neighborhood and I will share the ones I recommend very soon.

Also, for beautiful views, DUMBO is definitely a must-Do. Dumbo, is an acronym of Down Under the Manhattan bridge Overpass. The bridge overhangs the East River and links to Lower Manhattan. Here you go. Manhattan skyline is right there. Between Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.



I will definitely share all Brooklynites places of Art, Food,  and all the activities I do recommend this week !

Wish you all a wonderful week, indigenes of the world!


  • priscilla

    So Beautifully written that I fell in love with it too 💙

  • Laila SweetSalted

    Thank you… While I was reading the article I felt like I was in Brooklyn for a moment…
    Thanks for the wonderful journey …..

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