Meni, What is your favorite city?

Light in Lisboa

Recently I’ve been asked again, what was my favorire city in the world. I have to admit, this is not an easy question.

Last time I’ve been asked this question, I was tempted to answer « where I am, right now, is my fav city in the world”… Had no idea what would have been my answer the day after when Iwould have left the city. I know it might sound confusing, but it’s so true!

However, what I can say for sure, is that I have deep love for the cities with the following where:


– There is an intense light, no matter the season: Mumbai, LisboaValencia or Tunis are cities where brightness embrace you inside and outdoor…this is one of the best sensation ever.

– I feel inspiredLondon makes me feel sooooooo inspired with its amazing energy and all its diversity.

inspired by all the beauty around

– I feel like dancing at all time. Barcelona, Tunis and London provide me this strange feeling that I wanna celebrate life…probably because of the Love that I have for the indigenes I know there. I have to admit they love to party hard!

Dance like no one is watching

– I feel like smiling. A city that makes me feel good because of lifestyle of the indigenes.Berlin, Geneva, Amsterdam gave me this precious feeling.

Lifestyle of an indigene Smiling in Lisboa

– Food makes me feel alive with its crazy flavors. Bangkok and its amazing street food or Marrakeck and its delicious and refined maroccan food. I should not think about that now, cause the only thing I want to do right now, is check my schedule and the tickets online for these destinations!!!

Happiness in Lisboa

– I have the chance to share magic moments with the indigenes, like in Mumbai, in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, or Penang in Malaysia…where I remember unforgettable interactions with precious people.

My favorite city is the ones that welcomed me with open arms, and authenticity. I take this opportunity to greet all the natives who inspire me, make me laugh, dance, share excellent local dishes, or simply offer me an authentic experience. All these natives who contribute to make me come back, and love a city: Marwan Bahmani, my Iranian brother. Chetan Madhavi and Lalla Samira, in Dubai. Shantanu Sapre and family, in Mumbai. Nejdi y los tios, Frédérique, Chantal and Emily in Switzerland. Jean-doudou, Fred, in London. Jose Luis Navarro and Vanessa, in Valencia. Anne, Pedro, Vasco and Nuno in Lisbon. The Family in Madrid. The banditas team (Laila, Amel, Dida, Amina), in Paris. Najet, Omar, Daly, Moh, in Tunis … and many other friends, all around the world”

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