MaMademoiselle Hecy… this miss indigene of Tunis…

Mademoiselle Hecy Tenue Chic

It’s almost noon in Tunis, capital of Tunisia. 34 degrees celsius in la Marsa area, the northern surbub of Tunis.

I’ve been running from one place to the other, since hours. I’m litterally stucked in the trafic, and this seriously oppress me. I need a break. No, I do not plan to announce a Kit Kat break. And besides, this morning, I left my sense of humour at home …

I need to find an outfit for the wedding of my friends, which will take place in Poland, in a few days. But now, I really need a break, but still not for a Kit Kat. As soon as I have the opportunity, I leave the beaten path and take the narrow streets to avoid the traffic jam. Engulfing the car in the tight streets in the area of la Marsa, I see the showroom I want to visit since several months. I often hear about Mademoiselle Hecy because many famous Tunisian fashion bloggers mention the brand in their posts.

I even red an article recently, about their creations.

What if I made a stop in the showroom? A break at the Hecy showroom?

I activate the robot mode. I analyze the perimeter. Quick ! Quick ! A place to park right in front of the stairs leading to the showroom … Space is tight but it should do the trick. Once the car parked, I eject myself out of it, away from the ambient agitation and the trafic.

Here we are. On the top of the stairs, there are two doors … right or left? I head instinctively to the right door. And guess what? I land in the middle of Mademoiselle Hecy showroom. I meet Hend, a pretty young woman, smiling and very friendly. This is one of the creators of the brand.

Like every time I go into a boutique, I observed all the displays and I scanned the colors. This quick run through, enables me to choose my direction in the space. I already know, I agree! The colors, the materials, the shapes …


It’s like, Miss Hecy and myself, previously agreed. Two minutes in the showroom, already three lightning strikes: a yellow kimono, a silk crepe tunic in nude color, and a long red-coral colored dress. I did not resist to the invitation of Miss Hend … I try the outfits. I’m in love. I am seduced, completely seduced. Fascinated by the colors softness, the nobility of the selected materials, and aerial shapes. Miss does not skimp on resources. It’s the least we can say…

And if you are wondering where to find stylish and comfortable outfits … Mademoiselle Hecy imagined feminine and refined outfits for you dolls!!


Hend invites me to discover Mademoiselle Hecy workshop to satisfy my curiosity.

Mademoiselle Hecy Atelier Marsa Tunis

Mademoiselle Hecy Atelier La Marsa Tunis

But Hold on … Where is Cyrine? The second creator of this artistic duet. I imagine she went next door to pick up a fricassé (Typical Tunisian spicy donut).

Mademoiselle Hecy Atelier la Marsa

The truth is that I have absolutely no idea where she is, but I give her a little wink in this article to show her my consideration. These two young women literally make an exceptional work.

I invite you to discover my pictures of the Mademoiselle collection, and those of my favorite outfit of summer 2016 (see here below)!

Happy en Mademoiselle Hecy Happy

Please note Mademoiselle Hecy currently presents its fall/winter collection. On Mademoiselle Hecy social networks, and on their website,, you can discover the collection.

And just in case you still wonder if Tunisia gets talents, I hope Mademoiselle answered your questions !

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