Indigene of the stah (the roof in arabic).


The Summer. My childhood. Tunisia. La Chebba. The stah of my father house. Alone. With all my brother and sisters, my cousins. A view on my father’s garden. The Dead sea. The wind. Here is a place where you can take a deep breath . Here is the only place where you can escape the interferences. The noise of the crowded house.

indigene-of-the stay-sunrise


But here we can also gather the beloved ones. Ibticem, my sister, traditional wedding, on the stah. My parents house in Hammamet. My uncles sharing the mic and singing “Sert el hob” song of Oum Kalthoum. The nostalgy of their childhood. Here is the time of carefreeness. My mama happiness. My Grand-ma, Emna, dancing with her other half, Fatma, my Isma. Donia, my babysister, smiling with her angel face, who I keep an eye on, playing with the other children of the family.




The stah is where we feel free. The place where we can rise up. We can escape the silly conversations. The family debates. And we can also hear all of it, if we want to, without having to take part. The stah is where we have the most breathtaking views on all the houma (the neighborhood). The only place where we can have a private conversation with the sunset. The place where we can share all our secrets. The only place where we don’t need to justify our silence. The stah is definitely my favorite city alter ego, in Tunisia.


indigene-of-the stah-takeyoutime


It feels home in Djerba, in the houma sghira. Dar Ennour offers so many stah views. Dar Ennour is such a beautiful typical Djerbian house. The stah is definitely where I want to start my day. It feels good to feel home.  The stah is where I understand how I feel. Where I take time to connect with my feelings. The stah is definitely the place where we have the power to take the pulse of the whole neighborhood. The rythm of the houma and its indigenes.




The stah is where my dreams are bigger. I could stay here forever. But for now, I have to go down. Baha and Salih, my favourites indigenes of hara sghira (name of the neighborhood where I stay),the children guides of Djerbahood, you probably met in my instgram videos, are waiting for me. They will show me around, their beautiful houma, and share with me all the stories of the indigenes we are going to meet during the visit. They will tell me about the Djerbahood experience, which took place in 2014, which they will keep in mind forever.




I know I will have fun with Baha and Salih. However, I will be back on the stah for the sunset.



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