Dude I’m in London…No bitch can kill my vibe!


The thing is that from the first colds (November), I do feel like a huge bear ready for pre-hibernation. Absolutely! When winter comes, I want to be home with a huge cup of tea/hot chocolate, and a great movie. I tend to forget the so-called « social life », and I usually make sure my whole life happens in-door. 

  • Friends calls would be like: « Yo Meni what did you plan for tonight ? »
  • Me: « Emmm…a great food home, and a movie in my bed? »
  • Friends: « We thought about some drinks in a bar, and then clubbin in town»
  • Me thinking : « Please give me a break – it is too cold outside – my body can’t handle it. I just wanna be inside, and never get out… “
  • Friends answer would be: « For how long ? »
  • Me answer would be: « Untill next summer^^ » And I know you guys hear me. I know you do 🙂

However, there is a small exception to my pre-hibernation mindset. The exception is London. There is absolutely no way I visit London and stay inside. So much things going on out there !The vibe is too good dude, and the energy is so powerful in the streets, that I feel the need to be outside!

In the bus, in Peckam ( a huge tribute to my Peckam family – feel so much Love for you guys – so many great memories in my head), South-East side of the city. Then in the Tube, from Elephant & Castle, to Picadilly, to the streets of London center. I observe people around me. The woman sitting next to me in the bus, is speaking Spanish « hijo, estoy en el bus ». Portuguese, Italian, Nigerian, Jamaican…Frenchies ! This is London babe, and No bitch can kill the vibe!

London-Night Life

One of the main reason I love London so much is its Melting-pot. Dude London is sick. All religions, all minorities, all kind of beats, and arts expressing themselves in the city. From the Asian underground, to the pop music, Dub-step, AfroHouse, the artists keep feeding the London exclusive vibe. London streets are full of surprising flavors, attitudes, personalities, fashion styles. This is so inspiring. Bricklane (Bengali and Indian district), Brixton (Jamaican-Caribean district)…This is the New London and head note is diversity.



I also have to admit the fact that my Frenchy network in town, works in most famous clubs, and restaurants, in town, invites me to be out, most of the time. It’s funny I often say, when we frogs meet in Paris, we give a casual « Bonjour ». But when we meet in London, or New York, the whole attitude changes: hugs and warmest welcomes in da places punctuated by plenty of Heeeeeeeey Hooooooooooo!!. Then  we start the sentence in English like “whassuuuuuuup dude? Long time no seeeee! and then we switch in French cause our English is seriously limited!! 🙂

I really enjoy the nights out in London. I feel like London is one of the rare city where people still go out to have fun, party, dance, celebrate life, with their homies, for real. I have a love story with London and its night life.

This love story started almost Fivteen years ago and Every time I visit the city, I watch it from a new angle, I perceive new lights, new vibes. I always meet inspiring indigenes who moved in the city and don’t feel like ever living it. Trust me, you can’t be in London, and don’t meet new faces, experiences new vibes.

After a shopping day, I love going home and get ready for the evening/Night out with my homies in town.

  • I can’t come to London without going to the Momo restaurant, in Mayfair.


This is one of my inescapable spot. Mourad Mazouz opened more than 10 years ago. It’s absolutely delicious. You can have a Kemia, a yummy tajine, or even a great méchoui. There is the restaurant and the Kémia bar where they propose cocktails and North African tapas (Kémia). The interior and terrace decoration of both the restaurant, and the bar is dope!


I love having a great Thai food in Soho (Asian disctrict of London), not to far from Carnaby street (one of my fav area in the city) – I  The strongly recommend the Rosa’s Thai café, or the Busaba. Try it and I promise you won’t regret it ! You can then go to The Scandale or Libertine, to move shake your bones with the homies.




  • I recently discovered the Burgers and Lobsters restaurant. My friends suggested the one located in La city of London. Burgers and Lobsters is located on the Tamise. It is a beautiful spot by night, and it’s not crowded the week-end, contrary to the ones located in the center of the city. I shared a Lobster with one of my besties, Jean Serge. It was served with home made potatoes. Was absolutely excquis.


  • Not too far from this restaurant, you can find the famous Brown Brasserie for a typical English environment . You need to experiment that. The food is good and the place is a must-see in London.


You can do all these activities by bus, or subway.

Wish you catch as much inspiration as I do when I’m in town. Wish you enjoy the night life in London as much as I do, with my Homies. Wish you catch the pure London vibe.

Trust me, there is no bitch in the world who can kill the Londonese Vibe. This is absolutely unique.


  • priscilla Lubin

    The London vibes describe in a nutshell! Everything is here. We work hard and party hard! Thank you for this beautiful article ❤❤

  • Thanks Prisci! Wish you best of luck with your event in London tomorrow 🙂
    I’m sure you gonna rock it sweet heart!

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