Brooklynite Kitchens: discover my top 5 cantines!


NYC Kitchen is similar to its indigenes…It is multicultural!

If I have to describe a restaurant, first thing I would talk about is the food they create – Yes, I used the verb « Create ». Then, I would talk about the soul, the decoration, the place itself. The restaurants with opened kitchen are from far my favorite ones. I think this is an undeniable added value in a restaurant. The should of a restaurant is mainly in the Kitchen. All the magic happens there. All these white-dressed soldiers synchronizing to create the beautiful emotions in a plate. All these people devoted to please our taste buds… Food is an art and Chefs are my favorite artists. I could watch the show in the kitchen, for hours.

In NYC, I love eating at the bar. Well you can’t appreciate unless you are 3 people maximum. Eating at the bar is an opened door to the indigenes of the restaurant. You can clearly attend to what happens behind the bar, and easily interact with the people working in the restaurant. I love that. It also reminds me this classy movie scene, when the main character goes to the bar and stays there for hours, after a bad day, talking to the bartender, as if he/she was a psychologist 🙂

Now let’s share my five favorite Brooklynite Kitchens:

  1. Lilia – Italian food – 567 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 – Williamsburg

 Brooklynite kitchen: Lilia

We had dinner with Peter at the bar. The reason I loved this restaurant is that, from the bar, you have an amazing view on the kitchen, which is on the right side, and completely opened on the main room. I had the chance to meet the Chef, Missy Robins, who is also the owner of the restaurant. She is a Michelin stars Chef and she also was honored to be one of Food and Wine Magazine’s Best New Chefs in 2010. Lilia restaurant is clearly one of the best Italian Kitchen I’ve experienced during my journey in NYC.

With my friend, we ordered several dishes and my recommendation is definitely the « Cured Sardines, Capers, Dill, fettunta » and « Fettucine, Spicy Lamb, Sausage, Tomato Passato, fenel seed ».

Brooklynite Kitchen-Lilia-Sardines

The pasta is handcrafted. This is excellent!

A huge thank you to Peter (a real food lover) who made me discover this amazing cantine.

For further information about Lilia, please find here below the link of the restaurant 🙂


2.Loosie’s kitchen Southern comfort food – 91 S 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249 – Williamsburg bridge


I discovered the Loosie Rouge bar first. It is a the mid-century style bar, famous in Brooklyn, and located near the Williamsburg Bridge. It was a wednesday night and there was a crazy Rap Live just in front of us. Trust me these artists were not beginners. The friends I joined were having some food. I decided to try their restaurant properly: Loosie’s kitchen!

 This place is soooooo cool. The owners created a concept that looks like the neighborhood. Hippy-classy-arty place, with a great southern cuisine. The Louisiana cuisine served is a mix of Porto Rican, Créole, Portuguese cuisine.

To access the restaurant you have to go through the bar, the « Loosie Rouge » and cross a small patio to finally discover a beautiful space. Trust me, you absolutely have to try this restaurant. Looks like a secret garden where they serve great food.

I highly recommend the « Deep Fried paoched egg over crawfish fettucine » and obviously the Nutella Beignets.  – I’m litterally obsessed by these beignets! I wanna wake up every morning and have the chance to have those as a breakfast.


We had an amazing dinner with my one member of my Tunisian American mafia, Mustafa ! Thanks for trusting my choice and for coming from the city to Brooklyn to experience Loosie’s Kitchen with me!


  3.Lucali – Pizza de Luxe – 575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231- Caroll’s garden

This rustique style kitchen is in Caroll’s garden. And as soon as you enter in this restaurant you can feel the soul of the place. I had the chance to meet the owner Mark Iacono, very quickly, before he leaves the restaurant. I wanted to see this man for real! I heard many stories about his family in this neighborhood. One of the story is that Mark inherited the love of Italian Cuisine by his grand pa.


Brooklynite Kitchen - Lucali


« In the old days, in Caroll’s garden , everyone was a gangster, a drug addict, a dockworker or (this is where he comes in) an athlete » explains Mr Iacono in NYT article. The area has now been gentrified and amongst the clients of the restaurants, there some celebrities like the Beckams or Jay-Z and his queen.

I had the honor to share a delicious pizza and a calzone with two amazing dudes, who are not celebrities (not yet) but worth more than any celebrity, Rosteme and Momo !

Again, food lovers around the table sharing a great pizza!


4. Chez MoiFrench Bistrot – 135 Atlantic Avenue – Brooklyn Heights

I completely fell in Love with this restaurant. The service is quite remarkable. The French cuisine is served with a real sense of hospitality. The owners created a the typical French Bistrot in Brooklyn. One of the owners is French.


I ususally don’t eat mussels in Paris. Actually, I do only when I have family or friends from Tunisia who come visit in Paris. For some reason that I ignore, Tunisian people has this thing with Mussels. When they come to Paris, they systematically want to have mussels. This is quite funny. I just go with them and enjoy the mussels. 🙂


Anyway, at the Brooklynite French Bistrot, I fell in love with the marinated mussels. I ate two portions of it! Was sooooooo good! You can also find in the menu the traditional Steack Frites, steak tartare or a wild skate fish. I can’t wait to go back to this restaurant and try some more typical french dishes. This week end I’m taking Brooklynite friends to this restaurant. I’m sure they will love it!


 5. Zizi Limona – Middle Eastern Kitchen – 129 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 – Williamsburg

Congratulations to this beautiful Kitchen, which joined the 2017 Michelin guide recently !

I discovered this great restaurant thanks to two amazing human beings: my friends, Laura and Jason. The First time, Laura, Jason, and I, did not want to cook, so we ordered some food from Zizi Limona. I was like « the name of this place is soooooo funny ! » but had no idea about the taste of the food.

This clearly made me want to discover the restaurant. We went for dinner with Laura a few days later.


The food the chef cooks makes you travel all over the Mediterranean sea. There was also this special hip-mediterranean spirit, in the restaurant. Welcome to Zizi Limona. The name is quite fancy. The music is good. The food is delicious.

I loved it and I need, before mentioning our selection in the menu, to talk about their bread . The bread there is a unique experience !!!! I’m not exaggerating guys. You need to try it to understand.

We ordered, that night, with Laura, a “Crazy Baba” (isn’t the name funny once again?), with « grilled artichoke and Cauliflowers », and a « chicken tajine ». I do recommend it all!

To learn more about the chef and the restaurant, you can read the following article:

Also the link of the restaurant if needed!

 I sincerely express all my gratitude towards all the beautiful indigenes who shared with me, the amazing meals, dinners, love for food, in Brooklyn. I spent a great time in Brooklyn walking , discovering the neighborhood and the shops. However, I have to admit, the food and friend lover I am, especially enjoyed the company of all my friends in these amazing brooklynite kitchens. THANK YOU BROOKLYN!

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    I love all these places! Great overview of some of brooklyn’s hidden treasures!

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