Autumn Indigenes! Let’s welcome your season!!!

Autumn celebration in Paris

Yesterday was a difficult day. I had to say good bye to  Summer. But Acceptance makes life easier. Isn’t ?

Yesterday was the last day of summer. That is a fact. But today is also a wonderful day actually. It is one of my sisters Birthday. I have three sisters and one brother. The three of them were born in Autumn. I am the only indigene of the summer.

Autumn in Paris

However, Autumn season is very important to me because this season gave birth to all my brother and sisters. A priceless blessing, I have to admit.

So yeah, let’s celebrate this beautiful day all together. Let’s celebrate Autumn and all the indigenes of this season. Let’s celebrate the lanscape changes wherever you are in the world. Let’s celebrate this new cycle and keep in mind that every day is a new beginning and every season is a new Three months cycle with new fashion style, new trips, new colors, new challenges, new dishes, new vegetables, new flowers…New lifestyle !

Autumn indigene in Paris

I love that…Renewal is one of the best thing ever I think! I do enjoy that feeling. That makes me happy.

Happy Birthday again to one of my unconditional loves : Bisso and happy new cycle to all the indigenes of the World!

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