An indigen of Château Rouge, in Paris

The indigen I wanna pay tribute to, in this article, was born in a popular district of La goutte d’or, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. This indigen proudly strusts in the chic areas of the French capital. She has captivated the most elevated fashion centers of Paris, such as Le Bon Marché. She creates her own dress-codes. In her DNA, she advocates social diversity: she is in wax (traditional African fabric), and espouses a hip attitude, very naturally. She is audacious and authentic. I like this.


Behind the undeniable charisma, I discover a native full of values. Indeed, the indigen was born from the desire to finance a solidarity project with Africa: “Les oiseaux migrateurs”. It is an association that collaboratively participates to the development of African companies. Two French brothers, Youssouf and Mamadou Fofana, created the indigent of Château Rouge and this association.


One brother is a dreamer (I will not say who) and the other, is more “down-to-earth”. They have complementary qualities and skills. Like musicians, they have composed, brainstormed and given birth to Maison Château Rouge, a soft symphony composed with Kora and Accordéon. Maison Château Rouge is a Parisian fashion brand that holds the name of the neighborhood where she was born.


It is from my little part of Africa, in Tunisia, that I wish to pay tribute to the Parisian fashion brand “Maison Château Rouge” and more precisely, to the brothers Fofana, founders of Maison Rouge Rouge.

I invited my sister Ismahane, to strike a pose with me on the heights of Sidi Bou Said, in Tunis. My sister enthusiastically agrees. She has a total “carte blanche” on the styling of the shoot. And I can assure you that she has her own way of carrying the famous African fabric called wax. While you’ve probably heard of the Chic in Africa, here, she personifies the « Rock’Africa ». My sister and I, interpret and wear the brand in a completely distinct way. Having my sister with her own interpretation of the brand illustrates the versatility of Maison Château Rouge. I invite you to explore the photo gallery, and visit the website of the brand Even better, if you are in Paris, go to Château Rouge Boutique! Youssouf, one of the founder, will welcome you there. And he will probably share with you some other adresses of the neighborhood that he likes.

The boutique is located at the 40 Myrha street, 18th arrondissement of Paris. To me, it is a real sunlight in the Parisian greyness, if you know what I mean. You’ll find there some Bissap Juice from Sénégal, some board games made in Tunisia and obviously the clothes Maison château Rouge, made in wax fabric.


Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures of this article, as much as I enjoy the brand.

I want to say a huge thank you to my sister, Ismahane, the photographer Omar Gharbi and the Fofana brothers for their trust!

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