“All Saree everything”

My favorite type of saree

Do you love Saree?

I would like to walk in Paris with the Saree. Go to work with the Saree. I would like to travel with the Saree.

Yes, we can say I’ m kind of a saree-izer, and yes, I just invented this word. I think the person who created the saree is simply a genius of design! Don’t you ?

I was on that plane towards Doha, Qatar. I went in the back of the plane, to get some water, and I’ve met with three crew members – three young and beautiful ladies (one was from Philippines, one from Sénégal and one from Sri Lanka). We started a conversation about travel. They asked me about my final destination, which was Colombo, in Sri Lanka. Consequently, the Sri Lankan cabin crew, who seemed honored that I was visiting her country, started giving me some tips about where to go and some must-do (always talk to the crew members to get the best tips!!).

I told her that I’ve been to India in the past, and that I expected to live « mas o menos » the same experience (Sri Lanka being an island in the south of India). And I could see on her face, she did not appreciate my comment.

I could read in her eyes the following words: « Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat ? Are you serious ????? Sri Lanka is an independant country bitch !!!! We are not Indians….We are Cinghalese…our story, our economy, our identity…. »

Obviously she did not say that…Instead of that, she said to me, in a very polite way: « Absolutely not Madam. Allow me to inform you that Sri Lanka is quite different from India. We have our own culture. »

Obviously, I started to justify my silly comment with the geographical proximity, the way to say hello, the language, the songs, the movies, and the saree. Absolutely : the Saree, as a similar dress-code for women.

She smiled and answered with her Indian accent (because yes, to me, it was very similar to the Indian people accent when they speak English):

« Ok. I understand Madam. However, in my country, we dress the Kandy Saree. This is different from the Indian Saree

A few days later, me and my friends decided to go to Kandy (one of the biggest city in Sri Lanka)  and, as a saree afficionada, I tried to experience the difference by my own…

At first sight, the difference was, there was no difference at all. The shops were the same, and the sarees were presented exactly the same way. Many colors, many materials.

Nevertheless, as soon as the seller tried it on me, I realized what the cabin crew was talking about – the difference is in the way you wear it!

In the picture below, you can see a Kandy style Saree. All the difference is in the front of the saree. The way the saree is drapped makes the whole difference. Yes Madam.

SriLankan Saree

On the other hand, we quickly noticed the saari was the usual dress code for women, in most of the cities we visited, in Sri Lanka. Even the cabin crew of Sri lankan airlines wear the saree. And I think it is absolutely beautiful… and convenient for the passengers. Let’s say if you accidently fall asleep in the plane and you wonder where you are going when you wake up…well…a look at the cabin crew, and you remember your destination!

Kandy Saree

I also discovered there are plenty of ways to wear the saree. There are blogs on the subject and tutorials and even applications. The saree that corresponds the most to my style is the Dhoti one. This used to be a menswear outfit and it turned to a very chic, and glamourous women one. I love it! And I can’t wait to go back to India to make mine!

My favorite type of saree

If you want to discover different ways to wear the saree, I found this interesting article about it on: http://www.utsavfashion.com/saree/how-to-wear-saree

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