My name is Imen. My friends call me Meni.

I was born in Paris, in 1981.

French/Tunisian girl living in Paris neighborhood, I developped an intense love for TravelFashion and Food.


Travels have always been a precious source of inspiration and learnings to me.

Getting the chance of meeting the Indigenes of a country, a region is, each time, a unique experience.

The Indigenes are the natives. They have their own way of thinking. Their own traditions. Their own way of appreciating life.

This is what I love about travelling: opening my eyes on a whole different everything…


I think Indigenes, all over the world, are the real influencers who inspire trendsetters in Western Countries.

I sincerely wish you enjoy every single picture, every article I will share with you and that I will inspire you, at least as much as my travels do.


Welcome in Lifestyle of an Indigene universe!