Aaaaaah Marrakech! It is not what it used to be … “

Stah de terrace des épices

A few days ago, I heard, once again: “Aaaaaah Marrakech! It is not what it used to be … “

Marrakech is in Morocco, in North Africa. It is also one of the first touristic destinations of French people.

Its Architectural emancipation and the new population moving in the city, are major axes of change. Each year, more and more foreigners chose to move in Marrakech. Each year,  new events, both national and international, take place in the city. The Marrakech cultural scene offers huge variety of shows: burlesque scene, live concerts of all kinds, exhibitions, festivals. 

Does this means the city is losing its authenticity?

Entre modernisation et authenticité

If we consider that the evolution of Marrakech means the loss of its authenticity, then YES! Marrakech lost its soul! But can we really blame a city for its success and the resulting evolution? Can’t modernization and tradition coexist, without conflict?

Lisbon, in Europe, took up the challenge. The changes that the city is experiencing in recent years are surprising – the major projects, the changing population, the real estate, the dynamic of the city. This did not affect the soul of Lisbon and its indigenes. Lisbon is today one of the first European tourist destinations. And on the walls of azulejos, which represents the tradition, we can see street-art works!

Le stah de la terrace des épices

Morocco has always ensure a sharp protection and preservation of its cultural heritage and traditions. The kingdom has always demonstrated that its strength is deeply related to  its cultural authenticity, craftsmanship and gastronomy (Marrakech is also the number one gastronomic destination in the TripAdvisor ranking).

Marrakchia fière

Marrakech is an inspiring city with multiple energies. I think that the emancipation of the city does not make it a less authentic city. All you have to do is go to the popular areas, or in the heart of the medina, to realize that the real Marrakchis, relays of the soul of the city, are still there! And by real Marrakchis, I mean the natives, whether Arabs or Berbers. In my next article, I take you on a tour of the medina! Please feel free to join 🙂



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