A Peaceful day in Anuradhapura…

I have to admit I felt very lucky to be in Anuradhapura during the Sri Lankan Independence day. The 4th of February is holiday in Sri Lanka.

Usually, a few comemorations take place in the whole country, and mainly in Colombo, the capital. The president raises the national flag and makes a speech about the nation past acomplishments and future challenges.

In Anuradhapura, the celebrations we attended were spiritual-oriented. No speechees, no blabla… Anuradhapura city invited us almost instinctively to celebrate this day with its natives, the Indigenes of Anuradhapura.

This day, my two friends and I, woke up around 7a.m. Our gentle host kindly suggested us to rent bikes, the evening before. I was seduced by the idea to ride around the city.

Bike tour in Anura Dhapura- Sri Lanka

A beautiful Sun. A smile on my friends and our host faces. The Independance Day. I could feel that, this will be very special…I will fully embrace that day.Yes. I already knew I would fully embrace that day.

We tried our bikes in front of the guest house and that was a lot of fun. It took us a few minutes and some fine-tuning to make sure we will ride in the best conditions.

Ow I forget about one funny detail, as well. The bikes had integrated padlocks. I delivered a few minutes of deep thinking on how it works. We were finally ready.

That was our first travel to Sri Lanka. Our ride towards the sacred-city was one of the most beautiful ride I ever experienced. The light breeze, the landcapes. I remember trying to synchronyze with my friends in order to be at the same level, or slightly behind them. And then suddently releasing this idea to simply observe, breathe and listen to the intense desire of stopping the time. Riding was the best foretaste of what is the independence.

On the way to the sacred-city in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

The colors. These colors. The View. This view. I was captivated. So captivated that I felt the need to abandon my friends and their objectives to reach the sacred city together. They wouldn’t let me do so. However, they understood I needed more time and they kindly waited for me. (Much Love to Gwladys and Aurely. Travelling is blessing, travelling with you was even more).

We finally reached the sacred-city of Anuradhapura. The breathtaken bright colors now give way to purity. Some quiet and pure white. We open both our spirit and senses to this whole new world. White-dressed women and children with generous smiles welcoming us. Local encenses. We could feel the spiritual dimension through the worshiping we meet on our pathway and their attitude. Families, friends. Eldest ones and even babies, all together united to pray for protection and success for both their family and their nation.

Indigene Praying

Family prayer

A family of Indigenes praying in front of the Stupa, sacred city of Anuradhapura.

They prayed for Peace. The peace Cinghalese people waited for so long. The Peace the whole world is praying for…

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  • Dony

    They prayed for peace and for some people like you . God bless you !

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