A French National Day in Tunis…Unity and uniqueness…


We can not mention the French National Day without thinking about the famous ” prise de la Bastille”. This date also STRONGLY symbolizes the will of reconciliation and unity.

The unity among all the French citizens. If we mention this concept of unity in French society today, it would involve obviously, to take into consideration the current political and social context.

The concept of unity within of a nation, is very interesting , but also very vulnerable. To ensure unity, every citizen should feel free to embrace its uniqueness. To me, there is clearly no unity, without uniqueness.

This singularity takes into account the social, the cultural, the religious background, and many other elements that make us who we are. Each indigene of France, and of the world, is different because of its uniqueness.

I think this uniqueness enables to strengthen the belonging feeling to a nation. The uniqueness of each, invites to respect the others, and to live together, in the best conditions.

This special day is an opportunity for me to think about reconciliation, unity and acceptance . This day inspires me a strong sense of belonging to the French nation, while I feel proudly Tunisian.

Today, I make it my way. I celebrate the French National Day in Tunis, in Tunisia.


Today I chose a Bleu-Blanc-Rouge outfit to wish an amazing, beautiful National Day to all the Indigenes of France !


Enjoy your day everyone !

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